Conference Topics

For this year’s conference, the Academy of Sociology called on researchers to provide substantive empirical research, methodological discussions, or theoretical contributions on social cohesion with respect to all aspects of social life. We invited researchers from all social sciences, data science and further disciplines to contribute to the conference.

Following is a non-exclusive list of examples for topics and questions for the conference:

  • Covid-19 pandemic
  • Economy and labor
  • Educational inequalities
  • Environment and climate change
  • Gender and diversity
  • Media and opinion polarization
  • Methodology of cohesion research
  • Migration and integration
  • Politics, social movements, and societal cleavages
  • Social Inequality and mobility
  • Social networks and social capital

Open category: We also warmly welcome research contributions on all other topics of analytical-empirical research that do not deal with the main topic of the congress. We will host numerous open panels and poster sessions inviting scholars to present their new research.