The Academy of Sociology (AS), founded in 2017 as an association to promote analytical-empirical sociology, announces its 3rd conference with a thematic focus on social cohesion.

Contemporary societies face several challenges that require a high degree of social cohesion in terms of effectively addressing them. Some argue that societies are characterized by declining social cohesion, while others dispute this diagnosis. Here, sociology, based on rigorous theoretical considerations and empirical analysis, can help to clarify the theoretical mechanisms at work and develop methods to enable a better understanding of the social dynamics that hinder or promote social cohesion or division.

Questions about social cohesion require well-founded analytical theories and empirical methods to understand the underlying social mechanisms and to find possible solutions for coping with the diverse challenges that trigger societal crises. The 3rd Academy of Sociology conference will offer scientists a platform on which they can present their theoretical, empirical and methodological work on one or more of these topics.

The conference language is English. We therefore explicitly encourage international scholars to join our conference.

We will also report on the congress on twitter (@akadsoz) by posting tweets about talks and events. If your are on twitter, here is the official conference hashtag: #akadsoz2021 


Akademie für Soziologie e.V. (AS) / Academy of Sociology

Organizing committee:
Holger Lengfeld (AS president/Leipzig)
Katrin Auspurg (LMU München)
Roger Berger (Leipzig)
Andreas Diekmann (Leipzig)
Sonja Drobnič (Bremen)
Hartmut Esser (Mannheim)
Marc Keuschnigg (Linköping)
Irena Kogan (Mannheim)
Cornelia Kristen (AS vize president / Bamberg)
Ivar Krumpal (Leipzig)
Natascha Nisic (Mainz)
Karl-Dieter Opp (Leipzig)
Peter Schmidt (Giessen)
Thorsten Schneider (Leipzig)

Local organizing team at University of Leipzig:
Holger Lengfeld (responsible)
Clemens Baldzuhn
Pia N. Blossfeld
Clara Dilger
Florian K. Kley
Hannah Krenzel
Simone Müller
Stephan Poppe